Compare the Animated Video Production Softwares

Everyone is watching videos, and marketing companies are quick to accept its effectiveness in attracting more customers and improving SEO ranking. It is a powerful tool to showcase products, convey messages and at the same time captivate a large audience within a few minutes. It’s so easy to create with the right software; there is no need for expensive studios and broadcast channels. With so many kinds of video software to choose from, people are asking what software to use. Whether to use 2D or 3D animation, the choice depends on the purpose, the like and feel, and the target audience of a project.

2D animation software

Traditional animators prefer to use 2D animation, which has been around before 3D, and it is the oldest and cost effective form of animation. Before, it’s a time consuming process that requires a skilled workforce of artists and setups. Now, there are 2D softwares with features that allow creation of complex animations. Animators can draw color and animate creations in an easy, affordable and less time-consuming ways. It is ideal for those who are on a tight budget looking for a way to get their message across. Some of the 2D softwares available in the market are Jax ANimator, Tupi, Pencil2D, Toonz and more. Some are even free or come with a free trial period.

3D animation software

3D animation is on a three dimensional platform and images have depth and multiple perspectives which make it more realistic than 2D. With 3D software, animators can easily control animation and scenes. It obviously has a better ability than 2D to portray movement.

Which animation to use depends on the vision and goal of a project. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Timeline, goal and budget play a role on the decision which animation is a better fit for a particular project.